Student Ambassador Jaley Hunt speaks at OSSBA Conference

This past week, one of our student ambassadors from Santa Fe High School, Jaley Hunt,  had the opportunity to share with state school board members and superintendents the importance of community philanthropy to support school districts and how students can be a driver behind long-term sustainability for their districts.  We even ran into some Edmond Public Schools board members at the conference!

"This past year, the Edmond Public Schools Foundation Student Ambassadors came together to help endow the Teacher of the Year award as a focus in our philanthropy projects.

Two years ago, I was a volunteer at  the event in which we present the Teacher of the Year award. I had the opportunity to be on the stage to help present gifts, and, when it came time to announce the new Teacher of the Year, the room was silent in anticipation. Finally, it was announced that Emily Boyett was our district's new Teacher of the Year, and, immediately, Ms. Boyett broke down in tears of joy and hugged those around her. It was evident to everyone what this award meant to her and how meaningful this recognition was.

When I think about that moment, there is no question in my mind as to why so many of us would readily volunteer to give our time and reach out to our sphere of influence to help endow this award. We have seen the first-hand impact of what this award can do, and we see its importance. Awards like this allow us to show appreciation for our educators. Speaking for all Student Ambassadors, this was time well spent, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact this endowment will have for years to come."

- Jaley Hunt
Edmond Santa Fe student
Edmond Public Schools Foundation Student Ambassador and Board Advisory Council member

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