With decreasing state support and a growing student population the Edmond Public School District is struggling to meet all of the educational needs our students. Our schools, administrators, and teacher are doing all they can, however there simply are not enough resources to fully fund all that is needed in today's 21st century classrooms. Our teacher grant program is designed to help deal with this problem. Since inception the Edmond Public Schools Foundation has provided over $1 million dollars to the school district in the form of teacher grants. This program has touched thousand of Edmond teachers, and allows our educators to offset the cost of educational aids that they desperately need but would never been able to afford. 



Today’s Principal is a programmatic partnership between the Edmond Public Schools Foundation and the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce. This program brings into our schools individuals are recognized as Edmond community and business leaders, and provides them with the opportunity to serve as principals for a day.

The participants interact with real school principals, learn about particular school sites, and hear about the overall educational philosophy guiding the development of students within the Edmond Public School District. Participants get a chance to gain firsthand knowledge of what makes Edmond schools so great and also learn about some of the issues currently being faced by our schools, teachers, and students.

To date, more than 200  community and business leaders have served as school principals through this program. Through this program thousands of dollars in financial support has be raised, and the District has developed numerous school/business relationships.



In memory of Shelby Hudson, a 2003 Edmond Memorial High School graduate, a scholarship has been established and will be awarded in the amount of $3,000 to two senior Memorial football players at the Bulldog Football Banquet each year. The scholarship is unique because there is no application to complete, but rather the recipient is chosen based on the qualities and characteristics that Shelby exhibited and stood for as a Bulldog player. These include personal motivation and character, heart and desire to excel, drive and determination to accomplish goals, and perseverance in the face of all obstacles. The recipient must have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher and does not have to play football in college. Since the inaugural Shelby Hudson Football Memorial Scholarship was first awarded in 2005-2006 there has now been 17 recipients awarded $51,000.00 over the past ten years.  States that the recipients have attended college beside Oklahoma are Colorado, Kansas, Montana and Nebraska.


The James T. Rohan Memorial Scholarship is named in honor of Jimmy Rohan, a senior in the Class of 1993 at Edmond Memorial High School. Jimmy was tragically killed in an automobile accident on January 29, 1993. The purpose of this award is not simply to honor the memory of Jimmy, but in so doing to recognize the achievements – past, present, and future - of an outstanding graduating senior of Edmond Memorial High School. Jimmy’s family and friends have contributed funds to Edmond Public Schools Foundation, Inc. for the organization, establishment and administration of the scholarship. The award is made annually in the amount of $3,000.


BARRY CLADINOS, a graduate of Edmond North High School, was an incredible example of a self-made man. He graduated from University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Finance and soon thereafter began working for Paycom where he rose quickly through the ranks and ultimately became one of the most beloved Supervisors of their New Client Setup Department.  He was known at Paycom for his positive outlook and team spirit. He poured his heart into his work and even more so into his coworkers. He will be remembered fondly as a mentor to many, always striving to bring out the best in others and the organization. His relentlessly compassionate heart for others was evident in his commitment to philanthropy, lending his time, energy, and support to numerous community outreach projects and charity events.  The award is made annually in the amount of $1,500.



The newly established Achieve Fund supports academic and artistic competitions for students, as well as needs identified by Superintendent Bret Towne and his team.

Lucille Peters

A fund has been established at the Edmond Public Schools Foundation to memorialize Lucile Johnson Peters’ love of education and her excellence in teaching math by recognizing an outstanding Edmond math teacher each year.

Lucile Johnson Peters began teaching two years after graduating high school in Macomb, Okla. She completed her Bachelor of Education at the University of Oklahoma and later worked on her master’s degree at the University of California – Berkley. During World War II, Lucile taught the “flyboys” at Oklahoma Baptist University, taught high school math in Midwest City, and worked at McDonald Douglas at Tinker AFB. In 1947, she learned of the need for a math teacher in Edmond.  She drove to the office of the Edmond Superintendent, Mr. King, and told him she was there to fill the open position. Thus, began her long and fruitful teaching career in Edmond Public Schools for the next 30 years.  Many generations of students recall her as a beloved teacher. She was married to Lt. Col. Oren Lee Peters for 53 years until her passing in 2006.  

Lyla Jobe Special Needs Fund 

The Lyla Jobe Special Needs Funds was established to purchase equipment and supplies for the special needs classroom at Washington Irving Elementary and annually will fund  special needs grants identified through the EPSF Great Idea Grant application process.  
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