Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Act 

Learn more about your potential tax credit on the individual or corporate pledge form.  These forms are fillable Adobe forms.  If you would like to download and print the paperwork for upload, please scroll to the bottom of the page.  

Fillable Forms:
Individual/Joint Pledge Form
Corporation Pledge Form
Required Agreement

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The Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Act allows Oklahomans who donate to eligible public school foundations or public school districts to reallocate tax liabilities and receive a portion of their gift back in state income tax credits.*  Gifts to designated educational improvement projects allow donors to support innovative educational opportunities for public school students and save on their state taxes.  These gcontributions are exclusive of other sponsorships and donations.  Innovative programming supported by contributions through the Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Scholarship Act supports Edmond Public Schools Foundation Programs including Classroom Support, Student Ambassador Program and Innovative Programs.  Learn more about our programs on our program page.  

A person filing as an individual can receive up to $1,000;
Couples filing jointly are eligible to receive a tax credit of up to $2,000
and a qualified business entity can receive up to $100,000 in state tax credits.

You can make a pledge for a one-time gift or a two-year gift.
One-time gifts are eligible for a 50% tax credit,
while gifts given in two consecutive years are eligible for a 75% tax credit.

Edmond Public Schools Foundation's policy is to accept minimum contributions of $1,000.

The Oklahoma Tax Commission will publish the percentage of the contribution made in the previous year that may be claimed as a credit by contributors by February 15 each year.  You can deduct the portion of your gift not reduced by the tax credit from your federal taxes as a charitable gift contribution if you itemize, making the cost of donating to your local public school even lower.*  


All contributions must be postmarked on or before December 31st. Gifts made by December 31st will be reported to the Oklahoma Tax Commission on January 10th, of the following year, to be considered for credit in year donated. 


Contributions and the required signed agreement should be mailed to:  Edmond Public Schools Foundation,  Attn:  Deanna Boston, P.O. Box 30837 Edmond, OK 73003].  Agreements can be downloaded HERE


Edmond Public Schools Foundation will submit the required information to the Oklahoma Tax Commission as confirmation of the Donors’ eligibility for a tax credit under the Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Act. Donors must also submit proof of donation to the Oklahoma Tax Commission when claiming the tax credit.  A secure link will be sent to you to upload the required Agreement or upload it HERE.


Donations will be used to fund educational programming that aligns with the Edmond Public Schools Foundation strategic goals.
Donations will not count as sponsorships for events, partnerships, other sponsorships, in exchange for goods or services, etc.  Donations will be used for innovative programs supported by the EPS Foundation.  Donate online HERE
*All information provided by the Edmond Public Schools Foundation is for information purposes only.  Please contact your tax or legal  professional for any professional advice.  Your donation is not a guarantee of tax credit.  For more information, please refer to the Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Act.