Will my $2,000 project get funded with special campaigns?
9/12/2023 There are often special matching campaigns such as Allstate, Tony the Tiger and more, however, we have seen projects that are larger that $750, even with a special match, often do not get fully funded.  The best strategy is to keep all projects below $500 and special funding projects around $750.  


Getting help with a project (educators, principals, administration):
The role of the EPS Foundation is to provide kickstarter funding and to advocate for DonorsChoose projects in the district.  The EPS Foundation does not manage DonorsChoose or its projects.  Visit the DonorsChoose help page for answers to most.  You can also start a ticket here (they respond very quickly to educators!). If you are an administrator or with the district, you can find helpful information here.  When creating your project, there is also a "help" bar and DonorsChoose will assist you.
Is the Back to School campaign still going?
8/15/2022 - The back-to-school $100 kickstarter campaign has concluded.   A new campaign will begin soon and last until Spring Break.  EPSF is working with DonorsChoose to launch a new automated $100 kickstarter program.  More info coming soon, but until then, you can create a project any time and receive support from community donors.  Projects that are $450 or less are more likely to get fully funded before the expiration date.
When will the EPSF $100 Kickstarter funds be applied to my project?
EPSF is working with DonorsChoose to incorporate their new automated kickstarter grant model.  Previously all kickstarters were applied by EPSF staff.  Starting on 9/20/22, all projects started after this date will receive a $100 kickstart grant until Spring Break (or until funding runs out).
Can I get Teachers Pay Teachers or gift cards on DonorsChoose?
Edmond Public Schools Foundation does not apply its funding to projects with Teachers Pay Teachers projects or gift cards included.  Please make sure your principal is approving your project and you have utilize the Edmond Public Schools KissFlow software to get your project approved.  The EPS Foundation does not approve projects, only applies funding to projects that are on the DonorsChoose site.
Do I need to fill out the EPS Fundraiser Form?
Yes.  This is an EPS policy and procedure that was already in place.  As of October 2022, Edmond Public Schools requires you use KissFlow for all fundraising activities.  
Do items remain at my school if I change schools?
Yes.  All items remain at the school where you were when you requested the items.  The announcement letter provides this detail.
Can I share my project with my classroom parents/guardians?
Yes!  You can share your project.  You can also share your page directly to help get it funded.  At the top of the DonorsChoose page, supporters can "find a classroom to support" by entering your name after clicking the button.  Sharing your project yourself is the easiest way to get your project out there.  If you share on social media, be sure to tag us @edmondpsf (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and we will share your project on our page!
Can virtual Edmond teachers create a project?
Absolutely!  All certified educators can create a project.  Front-line educators and other faculty can include (but aren't limited to): classroom teachers, subject-area teachers, librarians, therapists, counselors, school nurses, etc.  Principals and administrators are not eligible.  Read more HERE
Can I have more than one project?
DonorsChoose will allow more than one project, but the $100 EPSF kickstarter will apply to only one project this Fall.  EPSF will apply it to the project closest to being fully funded.
My project was fully funded before the EPSF $100 kickstarter was applied.  How do I get the EPSF $100 kickstarter for my classroom?
Create a new project to be qualified for the $100 EPSF kickstarter.  If you have not received your $100 kickstarter for Back to School, it will be applied.
My project is not showing up.
Your project will only show up once it is out of the Friends & Family stage and if it wasn't fully funded before the $100 EPSF kickstarter was applied.  There is also a 24-48 hour period after creating your project that DonorsChoose is verifying your project.
The item I want is not on the DonorsChoose vendor list:

From DonorsChoose...

Similar to last year, you may have a few teachers that need to request a resource from outside our available DonorsChoose Vendors so wanted to share that process here.  
For these special resources, a teacher can submit a special request project. The teacher can also email our Customer Success team directly about the project created as the CS team may need to increase the first-time teacher's point status so they can submit this type of project on DonorsChoose.
Here's an email template you're welcome to share with teachers who need to submit a Special Request Materials Project:

Hi DonorsChoose team,

I am an Edmond district teacher participating in the Edmond Public School Foundation's Teacher Kickstarter Grant Award, which is part of the DonorsChoose partnership launched by Shantaa Foster. Our district project will receive foundation funding once the project is live on the DonorsChoose site.
I am reaching out to your team to request additional points as we'll need them to submit a special request materials project. These points will help me to shop for [ enter description of ] resources for my students.
Please let me know if there are any additional steps needed to help successfully submit my special request materials project. Thanks so much for your help!
What about the fees charged by DonorsChoose?
This is a great question and one we also had.  After completing the pilot project, we see the benefit that DonorsChoose provides to Edmond schools.  They have a reach much further than we do and helped us procure funding for Edmond classrooms from 44 states!  They also have large funders who are dedicated to the platform and give to classrooms directly through them (Sonic, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Dick's Sporting Goods...to name a few).  DonorsChoose also has sophisticated software that pushes projects of interest to anyone who has donated to a similar project before, no matter where they are in the United States.  Finally, they provide detailed reporting and impact data that we do not have the capacity to collect on our own.  For the spring 2021 pilot project, we saw $5 come into our schools for every $1 we invested from EPSF.