We will post questions we get here just in case you have the same one!

Can I share my project with my classroom parents/guradians?
Yes!  You can share your project.   You can also share your page directly to help get it funded.  You can also share it through the EPS Foundation Giving Page (https://tinyurl.com/epsfdonorschoose).  At the top of this page, they can "find a classroom to support" by entering your name after clicking the button.  
Can virtual Edmond  teachers  create a project?
Absolutely!  All certified educators can create a project.  Front-line educators and other faculty can include (but aren't limited to): classroom teachers, subject-area teachers, librarians, therapists, counselors, school nurses, etc.  Read more HERE
When will the EPSF $100 Kickstarter funds be applied to my project?
DonorsChoose will apply the $100 kickstarter to each qualified EPS project each Friday.  You may notice it earlier if there are a lot of projects in queue.  
Can I have more than one project?
DonorsChoose will allow more than one project, but the $100 EPSF kickstarter will apply to only one project.  DonorsChoose will apply it to the project closest to being fully funded.
My project was fully funded before the EPSF $100 kickstarter was applied.  How do I get the EPSF $100 kickstarter for my classroom?
Create a new project to be qualified for the $100 EPSF kickstarter.
My project is not showing up on the EPSF Giving Page.
DonorsChoose has resolved this issue.  If you are still not showing up after refreshing the page or clearing your cookies, please let the EPSF office know and we will reach out to DonorsChoose.  There is also a 24 hour period after creating your project that DonorsChoose is verifying your project.
My project was fully funded and I received the $100 EPSF kickstart, but I still have donors who want to contribute to my project.
That is great!  They can purchase a gift card for you through your teacher page.  They will click on your name on your project page, which is hyperlinked to your teacher page.  Here, they can purchase a gift credit for your next classroom project!