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WHY DOnorsChoose

The EPS Foundation adopted the DonorsChoose program to reach thousand of EPS students through classroom and educator projects, and to ease the burden of teachers who are making purchases from their own pockets.   DonorsChoose also gives us the opportunity to leverage support from those within and outside of the Edmond community for our schools!  

UPDATE 3/30/22:  
  • The EPS Foundation is excited to kick off DonorsChoose for Back to School 22-23.  Thank you for submitting your projects!
  • Teachers Pay Teachers projects are not eligible for funding from the EPS Foundation.  A new info letter will be added for Back to School 
  • Be sure to check out the FAQ's link at the bottom of the page.

Over 800 life-time projects in Edmond Public Schools

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This is where you will send community donors to find all EPS projects, or they can just search your name.  You can also share your project directly with family, friend, parents and on social media.  Tag @edmondpsf when you share and we will also share your project to our social media platforms.  
Read the letter that went out to all EPS employees for more information.  You can create a project for almost anything you need for your classroom!  More details, including exemptions, can be found in the letter.  Smart tip:  find an educator in your building that has received a fully funded DonorsChoose project and ask them for help!
Go here to start your project!  As an Edmond Public Schools educator, your project will automatically show up once it is out of Friend and Family phase.  Anyone can search your project using your name or searching Edmond Public Schools. Watch a tutorial from a fellow EPS educator.
LIFTOFF promo code is valid if this is your first time using DonorsChoose.  Your citizen donors must enter this code when making a donation within the first week of you posting your project to receive up to an additional $50!  Refer teachers and get $25 DonorsChoose gift card.   Check here for other offers.  New promo codes and match offers added all of the time!
This video by DonorsChoose will provide some helpful tips.
Let a fellow EPS educator walk you through how to set up a project in this 5 minute video.
Watch a highlight video from a DonorsChoose project this past spring.
Find the letter from EPSF about the Back to School Kickstarter campaign.
Search almost any question here to find the answer.
Find answers to EPS educator frequently asked questions.