Corporate Partners

We want to share an exciting opportunity for you to be a Corporate Partner with the Edmond Public Schools Foundation!

Corporate Partner sponsorships have been structured to provide you with the opportunity to be part of more events for less than if you sponsored them individually. This past year, we have also raised awareness in the community about what our partners are doing for our students, teachers and schools.  

“Our district's incredible teachers know their students' unique needs better than anyone. Through DonorsChoose, they can use that knowledge to help fund projects that bolster their vision for high-quality instruction in the classroom. We're grateful for this partnership and for the caring donors helping our school communities become stronger, so that Edmond Public Schools students can thrive.” -Angela Grunewald, EPS Superintendent

“I wanted to become a student ambassador to make an impact on the people around me and the community I’ve lived in for so long.” -Gabrielle Whitfield, EPSF Student Ambassador

Together with the community, we have set bold goals for the next five years to ensure we make an impact on education here in Edmond!  Between July 1, 2021 and  June 30, 2026, the Edmond Public Schools Foundation will invest $2.6 million into Edmond Public Schools, leverage an additional $1.7 million in support, grow its endowment by $280,000, secure 10 Legacy Society members and find creative ways to collaborate as a partner in public education.  

We ask that you join us in meeting these goals for the future and we look forward to your continued support.

Again, thank you for helping us make our schools wonderful places for our next generation to learn and where educators feel supported!

Thank you for supporting students and educators!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Deanna  Boston
Chief Executive Officer
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