Everything you need to identify who your legislator is and contact information. While social media isn't a powerful tool, many legislators pay closer attention to communications directly from constituents in the form of phone calls, emails, personal letters, and especially personal visits. It's important that your legislator knows your perspective on issues impacting you, your community and our state.
Please click on the following links to learn about committee members and committees that hear legislation impacting public education.

oklahoma house of representatives

Oklahoma Senate

oklahoma congressional delegation

Senator Senator Adam Pugh (District 41)
(405) 521-5622
http://[email protected]

Senator Stephanie Bice (District 22)
(405) 521-5592
http://[email protected]

Representative Chelsey Branham (District 83)
(405) 557-7409
http://[email protected]

Representative Lewis Moore (District 96)
(405) 557-7400
http://[email protected]

Representative Mike Osburn (District 81)

Representative Nicole Miller (District 82)
(405) 557-7357
http://[email protected]

Representative Ryan Martinez (District 39)