The Student Ambassador program builds advocates for public education, leaders in the district and philanthropists making meaningful impact .  Edmond Public Schools high school students attend monthly meetings and hear from district, community and state leaders while also actively participating in committees and events.   You will find students speaking at public events, conducting fundraisers, holding food drives for the district, volunteering in the schools, advocating on social media and so much more!  


Students will have the chance to explore their unique leadership style, acquire essential leadership skills, and actively apply these skills through committee work, public speaking engagements, interaction with peers from other schools, and community involvement. District and community leaders will join students at monthly meetings as guest speakers to enrich the students' learning experiences about leadership.


Students will discover the art of crafting a compelling personal brand that can effectively champion public education and support the Edmond Public Schools (EPS) through the Edmond Public Schools Foundation (EPSF). Through attending public events, actively participating on social media platforms, and spreading the EPSF message within their schools and communities, students will learn how to effectively advocate for EPS.


Students will gain a deep appreciation for the significance of community support and its direct impact on their education. As they actively engage in various fundraising campaigns, students will not only acquire valuable knowledge about philanthropy but also become philanthropists themselves. Students will contribute to advancement of their education and foster a sense of empowerment and responsibility within their community.
Maira Arshad
Sara Ashford
Cooper Bortmess
David Boyd
Caraline Boyle
Sarah Burnham
Jack Colby
Marceline Conkin
Claire Cornmesser
Lauren Crandall
Ayla Cuthbertson
Will Dockum
Adam Easton
Abby Evans
Gavin Ferguson
Lynnley Grindstaff
Delaney Grubbs
Sara Hassan
Kate Hawthorne
Cameron Higdon
Alayna Hoggatt
Alexa Hoggatt
Jaley Hunt
Victoria Juneau
Ryan Kent
Maddy Kinder
Allie Kinkade
Kate Kinney
Addison Kramer
Lauren Krise
Adrianna Lee
Grace Lin
Lynx Lucas
Dana Manuel
Savannah Manuel
Addison Martin
Kyler McCormack
Logan Miranda
Mia Miranda
Meredith Mitchel
Jack Moler
Rett Morris
Ryan Morris
Peyton Moskalski
Rihana Murphy
Amira Newsom
Kyle Nguyen
Shelia Nkuranga
Reese Odom
Adya Ohri
Grant Parker
Clara Pierce
Ashlynn Price
Madeline Reid
Taran Richardson
Kenzie Richner
Olivia Romanson
Noah Santos
Jada Smith
Josie Vincent
Gabrielle Whitfield
Caroline Wofford