2024 Outstanding Program Award!




The Student Ambassador program cultivates champions for public education who emerge as influential leaders within the district and dedicated philanthropists creating a significant impact. High school students from Edmond Public Schools engage in monthly meetings, gaining insights from district, community, and state leaders. Additionally, they play an active role in various committees and events. These students can be seen speaking at public events, organizing fundraisers, coordinating food drives for the district, volunteering in schools, and advocating on social media, among other impactful activities.


Students will have the chance to explore their unique leadership style, acquire essential leadership skills, and actively apply these skills through committee work, public speaking engagements, interaction with peers from other schools, and community involvement. District and community leaders will join students at monthly meetings as guest speakers to enrich the students' learning experiences about leadership.


GOAL 1:  By December 31, 2023, host a informational meeting to inform parents and the public about the goals of the Student Ambassador program.

GOAL 2:  By March 15, 2024, determine the needs for food pantries in Edmond Public Schools and conduct a food drive to fulfill the needs.
Visit this link or use the QR code to send food pantry items from the Amazon Wish List


Students will discover the art of crafting a compelling personal brand that can effectively champion public education and support the Edmond Public Schools (EPS) through the Edmond Public Schools Foundation (EPSF). Through attending public events, actively participating on social media platforms, and spreading the EPSF message within their schools and communities, students will learn how to effectively advocate for EPS.


GOAL 1:  By  May 1, 2024 increase the number of Instagram followers from 1,300 to 2,000

GOAL 2:  By  May 1, 2024 increase the number of engagement activities on Instagram by 25%

Use the QR code to follow and interact on Instagram at @edmondpsf


Students will gain a deep appreciation for the significance of community support and its direct impact on their education. As they actively engage in various fundraising campaigns, students will not only acquire valuable knowledge about philanthropy but also become philanthropists themselves. Students will contribute to advancement of their education and foster a sense of empowerment and responsibility within their community.


GOAL 1: By October 1, 2023 determine criteria for funding DonorsChoose projects for EPS classrooms.

GOAL 2:  By March 15, 2024, secure $5,000 to help fund Edmond Public Schools educator DonorsChoose projects.  

Give here, use the QR code to support DonorsChoose projects, or donate using the individual ambassador giving page by clicking their name below.

Student Ambassador Individual Giving Pages