Leave A Legacy

Impact the lives of Edmond Public Schools students with the life you’ve built! Leave a legacy through planned giving.

The EPS Foundation’s Leave A Legacy Society has been created to honor the generous donors who include the EPS Foundation in their estate plans by providing a future gift.  The donation could come from a bequest provision, a gift of retirement assets, a gift of a life insurance policy, a life-income gift, or other deferred giving arrangement.

By joining the Leave A Legacy Society, you will help ensure the future of generations of students in EPS.   If you feel strongly about the work of the EPS Foundation, and would like to make sure that your contributions to excellence in education in Edmond live beyond you, please consider including the EPS Foundation in your estate planning.

By providing for the EPS Foundation in the future, you will align your estate with your values, and will take the guesswork out of the equation for your survivors.  Your donation will be managed wisely and will make a significant difference in the lives of Edmond students and the well-being of Edmond as a community.

How it works

Bequests are a popular and easy way to leave a legacy for the thousands of students in Edmond Public Schools. There are many ways to leave a bequest to the EPS Foundation:

SPECIFIC BEQUEST (a specific dollar amount)
PERCENTAGE BEQUEST (all or a percentage of an estate)
RESIDUARY BEQUEST ALL or a PERCENTAGE OF A RESIDUARY ESTATE (what remains in an estate after expenses, debts, and specific or percentage bequest have been paid)

If you have already included the EPS Foundation in a bequest or other planned gift, we hope that you will let us know so we can thank you and formally induct you into the EPS Foundation Leave A Legacy Society.   Your willingness to be listed as a member of the Leave A Legacy Society will encourage others to follow your example.  Or, if you wish to remain anonymous, we encourage you to still let us know on a confidential basis.

Information regarding the amount, nature and/or designation of your gift is welcome, but not required for membership in the EPS Foundation Leave A Legacy Society.

Bequest Language:

The official legal bequest language for the Edmond Public Schools Foundation is: “I [First Name, Last Name], of [city, state, ZIP], give, devise and bequeath to the Edmond Public Schools Foundation, Tax ID 73-1210460,  [written amount or percentage of the estate or description of property] for  (list specific purpose) .

In your estate plan, you may designate your donation to:

The Area of Greatest Need...Unrestricted bequests allow the Edmond Public Schools Foundation to use the funds where they are most needed. The EPS Foundation funds innovative and core programs in the areas of classroom support, mental health, special needs, Teacher and Support staff of the Year, etc.

Specific Need...Create or add to a fund to endow a specific program.  For example, endow the Teacher and Support Staff of the Year awards, which are presented annually at the Celebration of Excellence.

You are welcome to call the EPS Foundation to consult on specific language or information about specific needs.  Always seek the professional guidance of an estate planning attorney as you make decisions about a planned gift.


The Endowment is like a savings account that only spends the interest. Our Endowment fund with OCCF grants us approximately 5% of the fund from its earnings each year. The rest continues to grow in value. When you give to our endowment fund, you are giving a gift to our future! To read more and leave a Legacy Gift in our Endowment at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, click the button below.  The fund name you will enter is "Edmond Public Schools Foundation."

For more information about the EPS Foundation Leave A Legacy Society, please contact Deanna Boston, Executive Director, at (405) 340-2819  or [email protected]