2015-16 Great Ideas Grant Application
Posted on November 12th, 2015

How to Complete the Great Ideas Grant Application

​Perhaps you’ve already heard, but the Great Ideas Grant (GIG) Application is NOW OPEN! For those of you planning to apply for this wonderful funding opportunity, here are some key components of the application you will want to know:

The GIG Application cannot be saved while it is in-process. For this reason, we strongly encourage all applicants to pre-write their proposals and only begin the official online application once you are fully ready to submit. If you have pre-written your proposal, answering all the questions and inputting all your grant application specifics will take about 20 minutes. If your proposal requires any addendums, please email those directly to [email protected]

 In order to proceed with the GIG Application, you must “AGREE” to a statement that you understand and have read the GIG guidelines and allows EPSF to utilize your grant application in the future for promotions or trainings.

In this section you will enter your personal and school contact information.

In this section you will have the opportunity to tell us about your grant proposal. Is it Individual or Collaborative? What is the timeline of implementation? Which Annual Operating Goal outlined by the Board of Education does your proposal address? Not sure what those are—just click here.

This is also the section in which you will enter your budget information—be sure to DOUBLE-CHECK your math!

The final questions of this section are the essays in which you tell us about the existing need and how your request will address that need. The questions are below:
ESSAY #1: 1) Why is the grant/project important? 2) How will the grant/project promote effective learning? 3) How will the grant/project benefit students?

ESSAY #2: Give detailed explanation of the activities the students will engage in using the requested resources.

ESSAY #3: Clearly describe how you will measure the success of this grant/project.

Are you ready to submit? We sure hope so!
As always, please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any additional questions. EPSF will hold a special Grant Writing Workshop on Tuesday, November 17, 4:30 PM at EPSAC's Oklahoma Conference Rooms (RSVP to [email protected]).

Best of luck!

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